Our Founder is a gypsy gardener with the purpose of providing earth medicine from soil to soul at his core. He spent a good portion of his life traveling the world, and exploring plant medicines in some of the most remote areas of the Amazon, Indonesia, North America, Mexico , and numerous islands. 
Through various diets and personal relationships with multiple plants,he began to understand the essence and functionality of each plant and the assembly effect they can produce through intentional remedies.
He is an advocate for natural living, and prevention above cure. Many of the ingredients are either produced or wild foraged personally or through a single point of contact. 
The Omni line came into existence at the same time as his daughter and as an oath of integrity to them both they share the same name and love. The ailments of Alzheimer’s / Dementia run in his lineage.
Omni was created as his response to breaking this generational curse and providing a medicine that can allow others who have similar health issues the possibility of prevention. 
All of our products are blessed in ceremony with intentions for connection, harmony, and vitality.May they bring you the version of yourself Earth knows you to be.
"Your whole life is inside your mind. 
Your mind is the prism that refracts the entire universe. 
Everything around you and within you comes from your mind.”

- Frederick Lenz
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